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Who we are

Mr. Basheer Thengalil

CEO & Founder

Building relationships on the way to success is the main moto of any business. Having a deeper purpose to what we do as people makes our lives more complete, is a tremendous force and motivator. We encourage our people to work in cross functional teams with a concerted aim of sharing knowledge. Our foundation is built on the core values that we stand by and demonstrate through our actions every single day.

Willing to supply Huge Quantity Hypermarkets & Catering companies and Five Star Hotels

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Sustain and improve Paris's position as one of Qatar's most valuable corporations through world class performance, creating growing value for the Qatar's economy and serving in every corner of the country.


We will be the trendsetters in supplying affordable quality products for all customer segments – for classes and for masses.We shall be efficient, cost- conscious and committed to quality in whatever we do. We shall ensure that our positive attitude, sincerity, humility and united determination shall be the driving force to make us successful.

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